About WE5

Hope drives us.

About WE

Hope drives us.

Now more than ever we need transformative leaders

in every sector of society with the character, wisdom and skill to lead in an increasingly complex world.

Resilient and passionate influencers whose faith is built on the love, hope and holiness of Jesus Christ.

The multiplication of these committed disciples to transform lives, churches and communities is the vision of our church and the mission of our schools.

It is this hope that drives us.

It is why we are committed to the education and transformation of the men and women, young and old, of The Wesleyan Church. And through the WE schools, we are equipping them to become more like Christ and fulfill God’s call on their lives in their churches, communities and careers.  

United in Mission

Our shared promise to you — our Wesleyan families and youth — is to raise up our leaders to meet the challenges of tomorrow through the universities and seminary of The Wesleyan Church.

Why a Christian Higher Education?

College is where women and men go to acquire skills to pursue a chosen career, think critically, develop wisdom, and deepen their understanding of the world.

When deciding between public or Christian higher education, public institutions seem like a better bargain.

But at its core, public education misses the key ingredients that give students true understanding, ultimate wisdom, real growth and the right mindset for thinking critically — a Christian foundation and perspective.

A private, Christian education provides all of these vital ingredients.

That’s why the WE schools, whose faculty, staff and administration are committed to Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit, develop the student as a whole person, taking care to challenge and grow their spiritual well-being while also equipping them with the skills to pursue not just a career, but a calling.

In a Christian higher education environment, a Christian worldview is encouraged and strengthened.

Can our family afford it?

For so many Christian families, though, the choice between a secular, public university and a private, Christian university comes down to cost.

That’s why WE locks arms with Wesleyan families to make the dream of a world-class education centered on Jesus Christ a reality.

Because the stewardship of our students is not just a family concern — it’s a part of The Wesleyan Church Story.

The Wesleyan Church Story

The holy blaze in the hearts of Wesleyans caught fire in 18th century England with a Church of England priest, John Wesley, who called upon Christian believers to commit to a life of holiness and the study of God’s Word.

Being part of the Honors Program also allowed for me to complete graduate-level research as an undergraduate and build professional research skills, giving me a competitive advantage in applying for medical schools. SWU has provided me with an amazing opportunity for growth, both academically and spiritually. SWU is the perfect place to grow as a believer and gain the knowledge necessary to go out and impact the world for Christ, all while gaining a quality education for the next steps of life.
Reagen Welch

Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come for miles to watch you burn. ~ JOHN WESLEY

And, fueled by the holiness camp meetings and revival movements of the 19th century, the movement spread like wildfire as passionate Wesleyans began to radically apply their faith to every area of their life and communities, leading to reformations in education, culture, and governments.

Wesleyan groups in England and North America openly opposed slavery, called for women’s rights, and stood up against child labor atrocities. Wesleyans were one of the first denominations in America to ordain women and were at the forefront of giving laity significant roles in church leadership.

This distinct call to holiness and witness united Wesleyans as a diverse family of multiple nationalities, races, languages, and cultures.

Members of The Wesleyan Church continue to be called to transform lives, churches and communities through the hope and holiness of Jesus Christ. WE colleges and universities share this commitment.

Why a Wesleyan Higher Education?

Wesleyan higher education is more than Christian worldview. It’s about Christian action, transformation and community.

Students at a Wesleyan college or university are discipled to carry the power of God’s love into their sphere of influence today and throughout their careers.

They are prepared to fulfill the mission of Christ and the legacy of the Church to share the hope and holiness of Christ with the world while caring for the weak and marginalized.

WE colleges and universities reflect the rich diversity of The Wesleyan Church with schools on the East Coast, the Midwest, and Canada, so students can grow in their experience of God’s world while still sharing in an authentic sense of Wesleyan community.

During my time at Kingswood, I was able to experience new ways of understanding God. The professors fostered in me modes of digging deeper into a knowledge and relationship with the Lord. I was able to naturally become my own person in relation with Jesus. All in all, Kingswood University went above and beyond in molding its students into servant leaders who point the way to Jesus.
Tony Allen Horton


How big are the WE schools?

The WE schools offer a variety of campus settings from rural to urban settings and student populations that range from as intimate as 500 undergrad students all the way to more than 3,000 undergrads. This wide range of school sizes gives Wesleyan students a broad selection of campus experiences and academic opportunities from which to choose.

But when it comes to personal, spiritual, and academic development, one of the most important metrics is the student to teacher ratios. As part of our commitment to developing transformative leaders, WE schools proudly have an average student teacher ratio of 14:1.

Financial Aid is a must for us. Where do I start?

Click on the links below to see possible financial aid options at each of our WE schools. And don’t be afraid to make a call and ask to talk to a financial aid counselor directly! That is really the best way to really discover the best financial support available.

Financial Aid Links

Are the majors and programs as good as other schools?

The academic rigor and reputation of the WE schools is equal to or surpasses that of the average college experience. Each of the WE schools is accredited by their respective regional or national accrediting agencies. Many of them have received numerous awards from respected educational authorities.

The unique academic opportunities such as study abroad programs, current research assignments, and industry-leading, innovative programs for online education also give Wesleyan students a huge advantage.

But despite their notable academic achievements, the “secret sauce” of the WE schools is how they integrate Wesleyan values, practice, and devotion to Christ in the educational experience of their students. This faith-integrated approach has proven to be key in helping students achieve their academic goals.

What kind of jobs do students from the WE schools get?

Graduates of WE schools go on to lead in a number of industries throughout their careers. Wesleyan graduates currently serve in leading positions in medical, legal, religious, education, and business professions. Others leverage their WE experience to go into a lifetime academic career of teaching or research.

How is Spiritual Life integrated into Student Life?

At the WE schools, the goal of teaching the Bible is transformation, not just sharing information. Their primary concern is that students become the best disciples of Jesus not just the best in their fields.

Every Bible survey course, student program, and chapel service is designed to facilitate students’ spiritual growth. Additionally, academic classes online and on campus foster transformation through faculty and staff who are devoted to Christ.

I'm interested in learning more about a specific WE school. Now what?

To discover more about how a WE school can serve your academic goals and life calling, click one of the links below!

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