We’re partners with you
in stewarding our youth.


We’re partners with you
in stewarding our youth.

When your child leaves home,

you pray the Christian values, biblical truths, and relationship with Christ you’ve instilled in them will blossom and grow throughout their college experience. And you pray that they will be challenged, but in an environment that will grow their faith.

WE schools are passionate about partnering with you to steward our youth towards their career and calling. As Wesleyan schools, we’re committed to teaching them the same Christ-centered values, biblical principles, and discipleship practices that you’ve been sowing into them all their lives.

And as The Wesleyan Church, we’re dedicated to helping you make a Wesleyan higher education possible for your family, whether your child chooses a Wesleyan school close by or far away.

Each Wesleyan college or university has a unique blend of programs, faculty, and expertise to support your child in their academic pursuits and deepen their walk with Christ.

Steward Your Children Towards their Calling!

  • Take a moment to check out the different programs, degrees, and experiences the WE schools have to offer.
  • Visit an event at one of the WE schools.
  • Contact a WE school and talk with an admissions officer or faculty member.
  • Send your college-seeking child here to the WE website.
Our WE commitment is to partner with you as Wesleyan parents by reinforcing the biblical values you’ve instilled in your children. Together, we can help our youth flourish in their God-given calling as they transition into adulthood.
I can’t tell you how grateful I am because I have learned what I’m good at, and what I needed to work harder at. That just makes me feel so confident as I enter the workforce.
Morgan Richardson

Health and Human Performance, IWU



Areas of Study


Success Stories

I grew up in Egypt as a Wesleyan pastor’s kid and I am the first Egyptian Wesleyan to receive a Wesleyan education. When I came to Houghton College, I learned about data science and the more I heard about it, the more I loved it! At Houghton, I was able to see how I can combine my technical skills and my love to serve others. This fall, I will be working in Buffalo, New York, with an organization called WEDI, which helps refugees who own businesses receive loans.

John Khalaf

Houghton University

I really wasn’t thinking of art as a career path, but after coming here and seeing the studio and visiting a couple of other colleges, I really got the sense that art was something I could actually do. Houghton’s given me a greater sense of where I can put my abilities and what I can do with them. As a senior looking back at who I was when I came into Houghton, I think I’m a completely different person in how I view the world.

Emily Friesen

Houghton University

I grew up with a father who was an alcoholic (who eventually got the help he needed) and a mother who was an addict. I graduated from Kingwsood University with a degree in Christian counseling. Through my education, I interned at a residential substance abuse rehabilitation center. During this time, God revealed my passion to become a licensed counsellor predominantly in the area of substance abuse and addiction. I believe my education and biblical background from Kingswood will give me a comprehensive education to serve others.

Rose Degenhardt

Kingswood University

As I developed my course of study at SWU, I was also able to help shape the Recreation and Sport Management major’s brand new Outdoor Leadership concentration. On top of all of the amazing opportunities for serving in this area, I was also able to spend a semester in the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) as part of my undergraduate experience. Through these experiences as well as internships with Peak 7 Adventures, an outdoor adventure ministry, I feel very prepared for both my career and for whatever leadership opportunities are presented to me in life.

Nathan Stegenga

Recreation and Sports Management – Outdoor Leadership, SWU

Between my intense schedule as a nursing major, playing basketball, and attending school in a culture different than my Kenyan heritage, I have had my share of ups and downs. But I’ve had wonderful support from the friends, staff and faculty at Oklahoma Wesleyan University who’ve helped me along the way. Upon graduation, I will start a job as a nurse in a Tulsa, Oklahoma, hospital and will pursue my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in 2019. I also plan to be involved with medical mission work and help change the world, one patient at a time!

Patience Gitau

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

I found out my father had cancer. I came to IWU with a lot of uncertainty.
I went to my coach. He was a rock. There’s really no way I can describe the compassion and empathy I have experienced with a lot of the faculty since I have been here. I have taken advantage of that and built relationships with them. I know looking back in the future, I will cherish them very, very deeply.

Jack Collingsworth

Social Sciences, IWU


It’s true.

Christian higher education costs more than public educational options. But through the generous financial aid offered to students by the WE schools, Christian higher is actually very affordable!

Don’t take our word for it. According to the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in just one year…

Besides the financial aid available to students going to the WE schools, students that attend a private college or university are more likely to finish their undergraduate degree sooner than students at public institutions saving them more than $25,000 on average!

Check out the resources below — and see for yourself how attainable a Wesleyan education really is.

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