You’ve got a purpose.
We’ll help you live it.


You’ve got a purpose.
We’ll help you live it.

You have a God-given dream.

You sense the Spirit’s call on your life. You are ready to pursue Christ’s mission.

That dream may push you to become a teacher, start a business or lead a church. That call may be toward medicine, science, art or technology. That mission may pull you to a neighborhood just down the road, a desert around the world or a mega-city an ocean away.

Wherever you are called, The Wesleyan Church is committed to helping you reach it through the world-class education offered by WE schools.

Take the Next Step towards Your Calling

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Everything around us is constantly changing whether we notice it or not, and I’ve learned through science to see people and eventually God in a different light. I was blessed to be able to take two May-term opportunities abroad, Alaska and Costa Rica. The world is a very beautiful, fantastic place.
Wesley Payette

Biology, Houghton University



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Spiritual integration with computing was one of the last things that I was thinking about when choosing my major. By looking at that and saying, As a follower of Christ, what do I feel upholds Christian values and how should I pursue my career based on those choices? My outlook on my career has completely revolutionized since I joined Indiana Wesleyan’s computer science department!

Cameron Ames

Computer Science, IWU

When I first chose a school in the Midwest. I struggled to make friends, my grades were dropping, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and I tore my ACL. When I came to SWU, I felt the sense of purpose and family atmosphere I had been missing. Through my struggles I questioned my choices, but the people I met and the purpose I found here inspired me to push through and finish college. Now, as I prepare to move back home to Brazil, I am grateful to be a stronger person.

Michel Herszenhaut

Business Administration, SWU

The community you’ll find here is like no place else I’ve experienced and the education has been invaluable to my ministry experience thus far. If God has called you to a life of full time ministerial service, this is the place to call home.

Victoria Joy Rowe

Kingswood University

The community at the barn is incredible. Everyone’s your friend. Everyone’s your cheerleader. I met some of my lifelong best friends at this barn. It’s just a great place to grow. It’s a great place to learn and it’s a great place to make friends and to figure out who you are as a person.

Bridget Dowling

Equestrian Studies, Houghton University

I’ve loved being a science major and, if anything, being at a small school has given me more opportunities to do research, to be a teacher’s assistant, and to have a more well rounded science education experience. There’s quite a variety of research opportunities available here at Indiana Wesleyan. It is an incredible opportunity to really see what it’s like to do science instead of just learn about science.

Meredith Osbourn

Natural Sciences, IWU

The semester before I was set to join my best friend at SWU, she passed away in a tragic car accident. I arrived bitter, angry… and alone.

However, I encountered beautiful examples of the love of Christ and cultivated amazing friendships despite my sorrow. As a result of this nurturing community, I was able to continue to pursue my calling to work with worship production.

Amber Collins

Media Communication, SWU

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